The Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases

For these difficult times, we have put together some additional resources from other organisations which are available for anyone to use.
We appreciate that this can be an anxious time, particularly if your usual strategies are not available to you.  Please take a look at the information and tools listed below, which we hope will help and support you with managing your condition.


The Pain Toolkit: Pain Self-Management

The Pain Toolkit was developed by Pete Moore, providing tips and skills to support you along the way to managing your pain.  His website contains lots of tools and interactive learning, including sections on:

*pacing*                                          *setting goals*                                   *exercising*                                        *setback plans*

*prioritising*                                  *relaxation*                                        *being patient with yourself*

Watch the animated video below, which summarises the contents of the toolkit.



Headspace is currently offering some free meditation, sleep and movement exercises to help you.  Each audio session is approximately 10 minutes long, with topics titled ‘relieving stress’, ‘walking at home’ and ‘feeling overwhelmed’.

The basics of meditation and mindfulness are outlined in their short animated video Underlying Calm, which you can watch below:

Physiotherapy Pain Association:  Online Resources for People Living with Pain

This online resource library includes links to a variety of information, including:

*general information about persistent pain management*                        *keeping active*

*online pain management programmes*                                                          *video resources*

*advice from people living well with pain*                                                        *resources for mental well-being*

*apps*                                                                                                            *useful books*


Frantic World:  Mindfulness Meditations

A selection of six different meditations, taken from the book ‘Mindfulness: Finding Peace in a Frantic World’.  The book contains a complete eight-week mindfulness course developed at Oxford University.  Topics include:

*The Body Scan*                                *Sounds and Thoughts*

*Befriending*                                     *Three Minute Breathing Space*

Listen to Mindfulness Meditation of the Body and Breath below.   This eight-minute meditation is a great introduction to the technique:

Psychology Tools:  Living with Worry and Anxiety Amidst Global Uncertainty

Tips on How to Manage Worries about COVID-19

A handy downloadable leaflet.  Includes tips, techniques and exercises to stay occupied and look after your wellbeing


NHS Every Mind Matters

Ten simple ways that you can help improve your mental health and wellbeing if you are worried or anxious about the coronavirus outbreak.  Doing so will help you think clearly, as well as making sure you are able to look after yourself and those you care about


Sleepio App

A six-week sleep improvement programme, designed by sleep experts and using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques.  The whole course takes place online via your home computer, iPad or iPhone



Developed in collaboration with a research team from the University of the West of England in Bristol, this app will help you to understand what causes your anxiety.  It also enables you to monitor your anxious thoughts and behaviour over time, as well as managing your anxiety through self-help exercises and private reflection.  Available as a free download to your mobile phone

Pain Concern: Airing Pain Podcasts

Airing Pain is a radio programme produced by the charity Pain Concern, which brings together people with persistent pain and healthcare professionals to talk about the resources that can help.  Over 120 episodes are now available as free podcasts via their website.  Playlists and topics include:

*Best of Airing Pain 1:  Pain Management Essentials*                                   *Cancer Pain*

*Best of Airing Pain 2:  Know Your Pain*                                                        *Complex Regional Pain Syndrome*

*Self-management*                                                                                         *Staying Active*

*Mindfulness, Creativity and other ways of managing pain*

Have a listen below to Episode 1: Introduction to Pain.  In this episode you can find out more about chronic pain and how it can be managed.